Friday, January 5, 2018

Top Wines to Try This Winter

Best Wines for Cold Winter Months

Most people have a change in preferences for wine with the change in seasons. In summer usually crisp wines are preferred and in winter it is the heartier reds. 
Stephen Iwerebon Winter Wine Enthusiast

Of course everyone will have their own personal preference but usually this is the base to pick a wine for the winter or any other season.

The winter wines are full bodied reds and they also pair well with the heartier dishes preferred in the cold winter month. As a home chef, Stephen Iwerebon loves experimenting with different pairings. Some of the sparkling wines are also consumed in the cold season.

Here are some of the top winter wines recommended by wine enthusiast Stephen Iwerebon.

  • Syrah
  • Zinfandel
  • Cabernet sauvignon
  • Malbec
  • Sparkling wine
  • Oaked chardonnay
  • Bordeaux blend

These are the wines that are used at home and also when entertaining the guests. With winter comes the holiday season and a lot of entertaining needs to be done. So you need to stock up your wine as a good host and serve the best of wines to the guests.

Usually people go directly to the wineries to taste and then buy the wines to stock up for the year or season. There are different wine holidays each year. These are the best times to buy the best of wines and some special kinds of wines too. For your winter stock you can shop for your wine during the national zinfandel day that falls on November 19.

To get the best of wines you need to be a good wine taster. You should know the technique how to taste and tell the difference between an average wine and a great wine. Also you can tell the amount of alcohol content in the wine using this tasting. You just have to follow the three S’s: the swirl, sniff and sip.

Then you need to store the wine carefully so that it retains its aroma and taste. After taking so much effort to taste and buy wine from some of the best wineries you do not want all the wine to go waste for want of some good storing facilities and methods. Wine is best stored in a dark room at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Also the bottles are kept on their sides to preserve your wine the best. You can also keep the bottles pointed downwards so that the cork does not dry up preventing the air from making an entry into the bottle.

Making wine is an art and best left to the connoisseurs. There are several steps in its making and each of them have to be followed without any error creeping in so that the best of the wines are made and the taste of the wines do not change. Also it will be good for you to know these enthusiasts so that you can get the best of wines from these experts.